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Atelier 2 Tonnes

On January 24 a group of Horizon Software collaborators has attended an "Atelier 2 Tonnes", a collaborative and immersive game adressing individual and collective impacts on the ecological transition. The

First actions

We did not wait the official launch of our foundation to start acting. In 2022, 65 members of Horizon Software french staff have been taught about the global warming issue

Mission & Goals

Our mission is:

The initial dotation of the Foundation is 500 000€.

Guiding principles

Horizon & Beyond Foundation acts through :

1 – Educating and sensitizing people

2 – Supporting strong impact projects that contribute
to the ecological transition

Our goal is to contribute to a better information on the climate change, the need for ecological transition and the existence of concrete solutions on the personnal and professional levels, in every country where Horizon Software is established.

We are targeting in priority the financial industry, starting with Horizon Software’s ecosystem: customers, suppliers, partners, regulators, universities, staff, families…

We act by organizing general and specialized trainings, using leading pedagogical ressources and coaching Horizon Softare teams to become trainers.

Our goal is to support the development of projects that contribute to the ecological transition related to the finance and fintech industry.

Horizon & Beyond acts through skills, technological and financial support.

Projects will be evaluated and selected depending on their potential impact and their adquacy with Horizon Software activities.

Our objective is to support 5 projects before 2026.


Horizon & Beyond is led by a Board of Directors, a Committee of Experts (under development) and the community of Horizon Software employees.

Board of Directors

It meets 4 times a year and includes 8 members :

Sylvain Thieullent, CEO Horizon Software

Sylvain Thieullent

CEO Horizon Software

Bertrand Corvaisier

CFO Horizon Software

Hélène Riou

DRH Horizon Software

Bruno Lefebvre

Head of Data Horizon Software

Anton Passiouk

Senior Lead Dev Horizon Software

Benoît Choppin


Agnès Huygues-Despointes


Jan Kinsky